BayesBox: Bayesian Networks in a Web Browser

We designed BayesBox to extend the reach of Bayesian networks and other probabilistic graphical models. It is a web-based Bayesian network viewer and repository. Users no longer need to install specialized software on their computers. Instead, they can just point their web browser to a website running BayesBox. The networks are rendered within the browser window, no plugins are necessary. When user changes the evidence in the network, the code running in the browser calls the server (which includes SMILE Engine, our cross-platform Bayesian software library), which calculates and returns the probabilities.

Key BayesBox features are:

  • available as a service, or hosted on-premises (runs on Linux or Windows)
  • low memory requirements when running in on-prem mode, can be configured to use serverless for probability calculations
  • all model types are supported (Bayesian networks, influence diagrams, dynamic Bayesian networks, and hybrid Bayesian networks)
  • unlimited number of networks can be uploaded
  • network structure efficiently rendered in the web browser window
  • fast enough for networks with thousands of nodes
  • case management window for saving, restoring and sharing evidence sets
  • dashboard functionality for creating applications focusing on specific outcomes and distributions
  • client-side customization to reflect customer brand, including a name, a logo, and a color scheme
  • mobile browsers fully supported
  • optional access control through login page
  • web interface for network and user management

BayesFusion’s public model repository is powered by BayesBox (see For demonstration purposes, we have also created a BayesBox-based web site of a fictitious company Evidentious, Inc., at

Video tutorial is available here.

For free 30-day evaluation, please contact us.