BayesBox: Bayesian Networks in a Web Browser

BayesBox is a member of BayesFusion’s family of products developed for modeling, learning, and decision support. It facilitates easy sharing of probabilistic graphical models (such as Bayesian networks, influence diagrams, dynamic Bayesian networks, and hybrid Bayesian networks) created for internal or public use. Customers can upload to the repository any number of models organized into any number of categories. Evidence can be saved and retrieved through case management window.

Server part of BayesBox runs on Linux or Windows and is available as a software installable and fully controlled by customers on-premises, or hosted as a service by BayesFusion. Users access BayesBox models through any standards-compliant web browser, can explore the model structure, enter evidence and examine results.

Bayesian inference in the BayesBox server is performed by SMILE Engine, our cross-platform Bayesian software library.

BayesBox can be fine-tuned to user needs and reflect customer brand, including a name, a logo, and a color scheme. Optionally, administrator interface allows for enabling access control through a login page.

BayesFusion’s public model repository is powered by BayesBox (see For demonstration purposes, we have also created a BayesBox-based web site of a fictitious company Evidentious, Inc., at

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