Introductory materials

New to probabilistic graphical models? Please read our introductions to Bayesian networks, influence diagrams, and dynamic Bayesian networks.

Model repository

To help our users, we have created the interactive repository of decision-analytic models. Using your web browser you can load models, enter and clear evidence and observe the posterior probability distributions over the nodes of interest (the models are updated automatically).

The models in the repository have been made available to the community by their creators. We have acknowledged the creators in on-screen comments included in the models. As a courtesy to the original model creators, we request a simple acknowledgment or a citation in all publications in which these models are used.


Our documentation website contains the manuals for our software in HTML and PDF formats.


Consider using our support forum for technical questions.

Publications based on our software

List of publications (that we are aware of) supported by GeNIe and SMILE and acknowledging our software is available here.

Books on decision-theoretic modeling

We have compiled a list of books useful for all those who are venturing into decision-analytic modeling.

Frequently asked questions

The FAQ is also available.


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About BayesFusion, LLC

Information about us is available here.