News about BayesFusion’s products


BayesFusion, LLC, has released GeNIe 2.2 with hybrid Bayesian networks capability.  Hybrid Bayesian networks allow for both discrete and continuous nodes.  GeNIe 2.2 allows for full modeling freedom with no restrictions on the functional form of the interactions between variables and on the probability distributions involved in these interactions.


BayesFusion, LLC, releases SMILE.COM, a SMILE wrapper for use in Microsoft Excel and other OLE Automation/scripting environments.


BayesFusion releases a 64-bit version of the GeNIe Modeler.  SMILE has been available in 64-bit version for a while.


BayesFusion, LLC, releases an up-to-date documentation and on-line help for GeNIe Modeler.  The help document is integrated with GeNIe and also available in PDF and HTML formats.