News about BayesFusion’s products

BayesBox Dashboard provides at-a-glance views of selected key variables that are relevant to a given objective or a business process. Watch our new YouTube video:

Starting with version 2.0, SMILE fully supports Macs based on M series (Apple Silicon) ARM CPUs. The C++, Python and Java libraries are available as universal binaries, containing both ARM and x64 code. The wrapper for R is available as separate binaries for ARM and x64.

To download the libaries, go to

SMILE 2.0 is now available. This version of the library supports discrete node outcomes based on numeric intervals or point values. Also, the metalog probability distribution can be used in equation node definitions.

The libraries for C++, Python, Java, R and .NET can be downloaded from We also maintain repositories for use with Maven and pip, see the download website for more details.


GeNIe 4.0 is now available at

Most important new features are:

  • discrete nodes with outcomes based on numeric intervals or point values
  • metalog distribution, including interactive metalog builder tool
  • geospatial processing added, Esri ASCII raster grids supported
  • new Distribution Visualizer window

How to use AWS Lambda with SMILE and more – see our new video:

BayesFusion’s Maven repository for jSMILE is now available. If you use jSMILE in a Maven-based project, you can reference the library directly in your POM file. For more details (including native library integration in POM), please refer to the Platforms and Wrappers/Java and jSMILE /Maven section in SMILE Wrappers Programmer’s Manual at our documentation website:

SMILE library running on an ESP32 microcontroller